Inspiration: My Poetry♡

This post will be about how I gain inspiration for my original poetry, and why I like writing them.

Poetry is such a nice way to allow all your feelings out in such a descriptive way.

For my poetry, I usually get inspiration from many different things e.g. feelings, emotions, colours, music, other poetry and more.

And then I start writing up a poem as simple as that.

It helps me with how I feel at times, and it’s nice to know I can just take that and turn it into something positive and relaxing (poetry).

I like writing them, because I enjoy it too. 🙂

Poems are fun, and nice to read when they are written in such a descriptive and meaningful way too.

It can also be insightful in many different ways, the use of punctuation and different writing techniques; really helps bring the message of the poem out.


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