New Update: On Writing♡

Hello, everyone this will be a new update about my writing.

First of all, I’ve been continuing with my first play ”Moving on Up” and I’m currently on Act 2: Scene 1.

I’m still also writing my stories/books and so close to finishing off my book ”The Dark Side” and an epilogue will also be included.

Moving on Up is about a 16 year old boy Billy who tries to find himself when his best friend Lucy tells him she’s moving away.
It’s my first attempt at a play, so it’s  a start.

I love musicals so much, and will also want to have my plays acted out on stage.

Coming up with new ideas for more books/stories of mine.

One of the book titles I’ve come up with for another story of mine is ”Paparazzi” and is about a girl who becomes drawn into the lifestyle after previously hating them when one of her parents gets ridiculed and hounded by the press.

So, that’s just a few.
Thanks for reading.



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