Wattpad Convention: My Experience

I attended a Wattpad London Convention today, and it was exciting and informative.

I’m always looking and trying to gain opportunities, so any events that I know about that are to do with writing and books interest me.

This was a great opportunity to see some Wattpad writers and get an insight into how they got published.
Some were self – published authors, and some were traditional published writers, and they all gave their views on both.

This was the last panel which was entitled: How do I get published?

Also, the first panel consisted of some popular writers giving out their views on: what they like about Wattpad, how they became popular, how to deal with negative criticism and more.

It was nice to be able to gain some understanding, of how their time on Wattpad helped them with gaining a fan-base and such great responses for their work.

The venue was held: in Foyles (a bookstore) on the 6th floor.

Some of the Wattpad writers were: Lindsay Clarke, Molly Night, Ammelia Scott, Taran Mathuru and more.

However, it’s given me an insight and more information to help get my books published.

I also met some other Wattpad users, like me.

Stay tuned, for a potential part 2




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