New Year & Writing

This post is going to be about my writing and some resolutions I have for the New Year (however, I don’t really do resolutions).

A few resolutions:
1.) Go on Holiday
2.) Get some books of mine published
(Even if it’s just one for a start)
3.) Opportunities.

As for my writing, I’ve got some other book ideas that I haven’t started yet because I’ve been mostly focusing on some of my other books/stories at the moment.

That I will most likely will continue writing even throughout the next year too.

My first play ”Moving on Up” I’ll continue writing too and might make it have 3 acts. So far, I like how it’s turning out and when it’s completed I’ll try to get it in Theatres and etc.

The List is one of my books I’m writing, and I’ll soon be writing chapter 11 soon. It’s a Mystery/Thriller and is about these two best friends Jessica and Hannah finding a list on a lamppost that determines the death of people with their names and ages being included.

-More writing, next year too 🙂
Yours Truly,



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