How to Start Writing

Hello Everyone! 🙂
This post is going to be about how to start writing.
This is just some advice from me, I hope it’s helpful.

With writing, there’s no set time or place so start whenever you feel like you have a story to tell.

Once you feel you have your story idea in mind. Expand on it, think about things such as: what direction you want it to go in, how characters will be like, setting and more.

Write these ideas down if any mistakes are made.

Don’t worry, and just start over. If it’s just a few, then correct them.

Then write up your first draft- this can be done on paper.

You can then begin typing it up, and correct further mistakes and you never know still keep some similar elements that you originally had and make it sound even better, interesting.

Free-writing is another good way to start and help you gain a flow with your writing e.g. reviews and short stories.

Get a better understanding of how to develop ideas.

Don’t worry, if you feel that your writing isn’t that great.

Especially if it’s your first time, actually trying to write a story. – Just feel more confident in your abilities.

-May also find that you’re good with certain parts of writing e.g. description.

It’s a good enough start, and the more you find time to develop it.

Research is beneficial, in finding out what other elements you can incorporate into your own writing. Also, gaining an insight from other writers.

You may even surprise yourself, and find out that your writing’s great.

Yours Kindly,


Another Book!:) & My Writing

Hello World!
So, today’s post is going to be about another book I received 🙂
And more about my writing.

I received another late additional Christmas present which was: Fan-girl by Rainbow Rowell. A book I’ve been wanting to read for a while, so I was excited about that.

About Writing:

I’m still writing a lot of my books/stories and constantly getting new ideas for more. It’s fun, and I’m always excited and usually write them down.

There are some new ones I’m excited to start writing; when I have the time. At the moment there are a lot, and I mean a lot – that I want to start writing.

Paparazzi which is one of my books I’m going to start writing soon.
To remind you what the synopsis is again: it’s about a girl who becomes drawn to the lifestyle after previously hating it, as one of her parents got ridiculed and hounded by the press.

I love writing! 🙂 x ♡

I’ve also got some big plans for my writing.

Thank you,
So much for the responses.



Why I Love Writing♡

Hello Everyone! 🙂
Today’s post is going to be about why I love writing.

Writing! Oh, where to begin? I just love writing because I enjoy it immensely, and I’m always excited when I have new ideas for more of my books.

I also have the passion for it 🙂
Being able to further use my creativity, and being able to form my own characters, world and situations are fun too.

It’s also calming and relaxing, honestly. ♡

Listening to music, whilst writing too ♡

In addition to this it also helps me with my emotions and how I’m feeling regularly. This also includes: my poems and etc.

It makes me happy, when writing like I’m at peace and just being able to fully immerse myself with my writing.

Sharing my talent, through all my original works.

I can also decide on what I want to include and also whether or not I want my characters to go through some hardships too and trying to find happiness.

Some experiences, I include in some of my works.

Some similar traits to myself, are also considered.

It’s also such a great escape!

If I have anything else to include,
I will.

However, thank you all for reading. 🙂
Yours Kindly,


Book Ideas & Sequels

Hello Everyone!
This post is about some book ideas along with my writing.
I get excited when I’ve always got some new ideas.
Thank you 🙂

Okay, firstly I’ve got some new ideas that I’ve written down.
If there’s anymore I write them down, in my ideas book.
One of them is currently called ”As if by Magic” and it’s just about a girl that’s a fan of a musician (not well known) that helps him get discovered. The Musician tries to track her down.

-The title could change at anytime (BTW); If I feel like changing it.

The Celebrity Kidnap Plan is also another one of my stories I’m writing and I’m on Chapter 17 currently. (Comedy/Teen Fiction).

My book ”TSOD” (The Sign of Danger” I started writing when I was like 15 and finished when I was 16, one of my books is a sequel to this and I’m on Chapter 5 at the moment.

-The first one ended with a cliffhanger and I still felt that I had more ideas to make a sequel.

Some names of some of my books:
Seeking Answers
Charles’ Deep Dark Secret – started writing at age 11 (not finished- on Chapter 10 only (will edit and start typing/writing it.
A Murder to Witness (not finished)
The List (on Chapter 11)

-Well, that’s it
Thank you all for reading
and for the responses
Much appreciated! 🙂

-Yours Truly,

Update: On Writing & Etc

This post is just a new update on my writing with the inclusion of some other information.

With some of my books, I’ve added more to them e.g. The List and The Sign Of Danger 2.
While still coming up with new ideas for other stories of mine, I’ve also got an idea for a Vampire story.

I’ve been busy with my writing, as well other things.

With ”The List” which is one of my Mystery/Thriller books I’m currently on chapter 11.

I mostly write my ideas down.

I love Music, and a lot of time I’m usually listening to music while writing too.

A few names of some of my books are:

Z: The Mysterious Book
The Missing Tree
A Letter from an Unlikely Assassin.
The List
The Sign of Danger 2: Closer to the Truth
The Sign of Danger
(And more…)

On Tuesday, I also received late additional Christmas presents. 🙂

Thanks again,
Yours Kindly,



Writing Challenges Etc

This post is going to be about a writing challenge, I’m thinking of entering on Wattpad called #Just Write It. It’s similar to Nanowrimo as it’s a 30 day challenge, during a month.

I’m excited to participate, as I haven’t done any challenges or competitions on Wattpad. And I also just want to join a lot more writing competitions this year, as it will be fun and more of a way to showcase my talent.

This Just Write edition is all about firsts. E.g. first friend, first school and etc.

When I get more inspiration, I will try to begin writing.

I have a lot of my other books/stories I’m also working on. 🙂

Nanowrimo I might also try out this year.

-Thank you, all for reading.


Writing & Original Poetry

Okay, so this post is going to be about my writing and another new original poetry that I’ve written (it won’t be posted on here though).

The rest of my original poetry will now be on my Wattpad account (It’s not up yet).

I’ve written a new original poem called ”Happiness” for now and it’s about trying to still maintain happiness even when things are hard.

For the rest of my writing, I’m still coming up with ideas for more of my books/stories. I can’t wait to start writing a lot of them when I have the time.

More original poetry, will also be written.

Thanks for reading.