Update: On Writing & Etc

This post is just a new update on my writing with the inclusion of some other information.

With some of my books, I’ve added more to them e.g. The List and The Sign Of Danger 2.
While still coming up with new ideas for other stories of mine, I’ve also got an idea for a Vampire story.

I’ve been busy with my writing, as well other things.

With ”The List” which is one of my Mystery/Thriller books I’m currently on chapter 11.

I mostly write my ideas down.

I love Music, and a lot of time I’m usually listening to music while writing too.

A few names of some of my books are:

Z: The Mysterious Book
The Missing Tree
A Letter from an Unlikely Assassin.
The List
The Sign of Danger 2: Closer to the Truth
The Sign of Danger
(And more…)

On Tuesday, I also received late additional Christmas presents. 🙂

Thanks again,
Yours Kindly,




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