Book Ideas & Sequels

Hello Everyone!
This post is about some book ideas along with my writing.
I get excited when I’ve always got some new ideas.
Thank you 🙂

Okay, firstly I’ve got some new ideas that I’ve written down.
If there’s anymore I write them down, in my ideas book.
One of them is currently called ”As if by Magic” and it’s just about a girl that’s a fan of a musician (not well known) that helps him get discovered. The Musician tries to track her down.

-The title could change at anytime (BTW); If I feel like changing it.

The Celebrity Kidnap Plan is also another one of my stories I’m writing and I’m on Chapter 17 currently. (Comedy/Teen Fiction).

My book ”TSOD” (The Sign of Danger” I started writing when I was like 15 and finished when I was 16, one of my books is a sequel to this and I’m on Chapter 5 at the moment.

-The first one ended with a cliffhanger and I still felt that I had more ideas to make a sequel.

Some names of some of my books:
Seeking Answers
Charles’ Deep Dark Secret – started writing at age 11 (not finished- on Chapter 10 only (will edit and start typing/writing it.
A Murder to Witness (not finished)
The List (on Chapter 11)

-Well, that’s it
Thank you all for reading
and for the responses
Much appreciated! 🙂

-Yours Truly,


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