Why I Love Writing♡

Hello Everyone! 🙂
Today’s post is going to be about why I love writing.

Writing! Oh, where to begin? I just love writing because I enjoy it immensely, and I’m always excited when I have new ideas for more of my books.

I also have the passion for it 🙂
Being able to further use my creativity, and being able to form my own characters, world and situations are fun too.

It’s also calming and relaxing, honestly. ♡

Listening to music, whilst writing too ♡

In addition to this it also helps me with my emotions and how I’m feeling regularly. This also includes: my poems and etc.

It makes me happy, when writing like I’m at peace and just being able to fully immerse myself with my writing.

Sharing my talent, through all my original works.

I can also decide on what I want to include and also whether or not I want my characters to go through some hardships too and trying to find happiness.

Some experiences, I include in some of my works.

Some similar traits to myself, are also considered.

It’s also such a great escape!

If I have anything else to include,
I will.

However, thank you all for reading. 🙂
Yours Kindly,



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