How to Start Writing

Hello Everyone! 🙂
This post is going to be about how to start writing.
This is just some advice from me, I hope it’s helpful.

With writing, there’s no set time or place so start whenever you feel like you have a story to tell.

Once you feel you have your story idea in mind. Expand on it, think about things such as: what direction you want it to go in, how characters will be like, setting and more.

Write these ideas down if any mistakes are made.

Don’t worry, and just start over. If it’s just a few, then correct them.

Then write up your first draft- this can be done on paper.

You can then begin typing it up, and correct further mistakes and you never know still keep some similar elements that you originally had and make it sound even better, interesting.

Free-writing is another good way to start and help you gain a flow with your writing e.g. reviews and short stories.

Get a better understanding of how to develop ideas.

Don’t worry, if you feel that your writing isn’t that great.

Especially if it’s your first time, actually trying to write a story. – Just feel more confident in your abilities.

-May also find that you’re good with certain parts of writing e.g. description.

It’s a good enough start, and the more you find time to develop it.

Research is beneficial, in finding out what other elements you can incorporate into your own writing. Also, gaining an insight from other writers.

You may even surprise yourself, and find out that your writing’s great.

Yours Kindly,


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