New Update: On Writing

Hello World!
Today’s post is going to be an update about my writing. 

I’ve now started typing up a story I started writing when I was 11 which is called: Charles’ Deep Dark Secret. I also only managed to get up to chapter 10 when I started writing it so there will be other chapters that I’ll be writing, when I have the time.

I’m also writing my other stories.

There’s even more book ideas, and that’s fun.

I’ll also be writing more short stories too, and entering competitions.

With my book/story The List I’m on chapter 11, and will add more to it. It’s one of my mystery/thriller books.

Another one, that I have is Z: The Mysterious Book but I haven’t started writing it yet. I will soon.

My second short story, I’ll be writing soon and will either be called Escape/The Escapist.

I don’t know, it depends.

Well, that’s some for now
Thank you
Yours Kindly,
Lizzy 🙂





Ooh! About my: Birthday & Etc:)

Hello Everyone!
This post is going to be about my birthday, and etc.

Firstly, it was my birthday on Wednesday and it was good.
I’ll be having a birthday outing soon.

On my Wattpad account, I’ve put a sample of one of my books up. And with that particular book of mine I’m still writing it as well as other books of mine.

For my play: Moving on Up I have an original song for it called The Next Step  – (it could change) which I often end up singing from time to time, even listening to.

There may be more original songs, for my play.

I do write/make – up songs sometimes.

I’ll also be starting one of my books Paparazzi some time this year perhaps.

So much writing! Yeah, I know a lot. However, I love writing and I always have new ideas and get excited when they sound so good.

One of my main goals this year, is to get one of my books published.

Writing workshops and etc are also in consideration.

Thank you for reading.
Yours Truly,
Lizzy x





Oh, and there’s more!

Hello World! So, my post for today is about my writing and also some mention on reading. This will also contain other things e.g. musicals, ideas and etc.

Firstly, I finished reading one of the books I own: Girl Online by Zoe Sugg and it was a good book, I really enjoyed it.

I’ve also added more to some of my books/stories and still getting new ideas for stories.

I’ll probably get into writing short stories too, I’ve only got one at the moment and it’s called Star in the Making.

Musicals is another thing, and there’s so many that I can’t wait to watch. E.g. Cats, Chicago, Hair, Phantom of the Opera and etc.

I’ll be starting another one of my stories soon! Even though there’s a few I’m writing at the moment.

I’ve got ideas to have my own show too or even a YouTube channel; where I’ll talk about books, writing, TV shows and etc.

Competitions & Writing challenges, I’ll try to get involved in more this year

My Birthday’s also coming up.

I’ve actually seen a production of Pippin (musical), last year. I really liked it, it was good.

I’ll also continue with my play Moving on Up.

-Thank you so much.