New Update: On Writing

Hello World!
Today’s post is going to be an update about my writing. 

I’ve now started typing up a story I started writing when I was 11 which is called: Charles’ Deep Dark Secret. I also only managed to get up to chapter 10 when I started writing it so there will be other chapters that I’ll be writing, when I have the time.

I’m also writing my other stories.

There’s even more book ideas, and that’s fun.

I’ll also be writing more short stories too, and entering competitions.

With my book/story The List I’m on chapter 11, and will add more to it. It’s one of my mystery/thriller books.

Another one, that I have is Z: The Mysterious Book but I haven’t started writing it yet. I will soon.

My second short story, I’ll be writing soon and will either be called Escape/The Escapist.

I don’t know, it depends.

Well, that’s some for now
Thank you
Yours Kindly,
Lizzy 🙂





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