Yep, Book Ideas :)

Hello Everyone!
This post is mostly going to be about book ideas and some mention on my writing. 

I’m thrilled that I have some new book ideas, which happens frequently.
With one of them Paparazzi, I’m trying to outline and will start writing soon.
There’s also some others e.g. Z: The Mysterious BookBlogging Reality (Name may change) and etc.

With one of my books The List I’m currently still writing chapter 12 and will soon be on Chapter 13, I usually take breaks and then continue to come up with ideas for the story.

The Epilogue of one of my books The Dark Side I’m still trying to finish somehow.

Just Creative! 🙂

I’m also coming up with further book ideas, and will be writing them down.

Thanks for reading,


Update: Writing Process

Hello Everyone!
This post is about is going to be about my writing, and some mention on my writing process.

Alright so, I’m finally on Chapter 12 of one of my mystery/thriller books The List and – I’m so thrilled that there’s still ideas I have for it.

I usually take breaks as it’s essential, and helps give me some time to do other things. It helps also with giving me inspiration and ideas.

I also have come up with more book ideas, and I’m just ecstatic. I usually am when I’ve still got more ideas for stories and etc.

The process can be a little slow; as I’m also busy with studies.

I’m also writing my other stories, and I’m currently on chapter 5 of my sequel of my book The Sign of Danger.

I also plan on trying to finish the epilogue of my book The Dark Side which has 24 chapters.

One of my newest books Paparazzi I’ll start writing soon and the main character is a mixed race girl.

Also, writing ideas  and trying to fit writing in as much as I can.

Thank you again, for reading.
More about writing soon.

Yours Kindly,

What a Feeling!:Writing

Hello World!
So, this post is going to be about my writing and is the first part. As, I’m probably going to make a part 2 with the  same title ”What a Feeling.”
And yes I got the title from Dancing on the Ceiling 
by Lionel Richie.

Basically, I have continued writing a lot of my books/stories and have also come up with more ideas for other books of mine.

I’ve been trying to finish some chapters to some of my books.

However, I love writing and it’s just always exciting when I’m also able to get further ideas and plots for my books/stories.

I’m nearly finished with Chapter 11 of one of my books/stories and that’s The List. I’ve added more to it, and it’s another mystery/thriller. I also feel like I’ll probably have further ideas that I can include in it.

So, yeah that’s exciting!

Oh, with another one of my books A Murder to Witness it isn’t finished. But I’m on Chapter 4 when I’m typing it up, I haven’t yet decided how many chapters it will have yet.

I started writing this book while I was still a teenager, and I began writing it in a writing notebook, and got up to Chapter 7.

As with ideas, I get them quite frequently.

Some new stories of mine I’ll be starting soon.

Simply, what a feeling it is.

Well, that’s some for now

Thank you, for reading.
Yours Kindly,