What a Feeling!:Writing

Hello World!
So, this post is going to be about my writing and is the first part. As, I’m probably going to make a part 2 with the  same title ”What a Feeling.”
And yes I got the title from Dancing on the Ceiling 
by Lionel Richie.

Basically, I have continued writing a lot of my books/stories and have also come up with more ideas for other books of mine.

I’ve been trying to finish some chapters to some of my books.

However, I love writing and it’s just always exciting when I’m also able to get further ideas and plots for my books/stories.

I’m nearly finished with Chapter 11 of one of my books/stories and that’s The List. I’ve added more to it, and it’s another mystery/thriller. I also feel like I’ll probably have further ideas that I can include in it.

So, yeah that’s exciting!

Oh, with another one of my books A Murder to Witness it isn’t finished. But I’m on Chapter 4 when I’m typing it up, I haven’t yet decided how many chapters it will have yet.

I started writing this book while I was still a teenager, and I began writing it in a writing notebook, and got up to Chapter 7.

As with ideas, I get them quite frequently.

Some new stories of mine I’ll be starting soon.

Simply, what a feeling it is.

Well, that’s some for now

Thank you, for reading.
Yours Kindly,



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