Update: Writing Process

Hello Everyone!
This post is about is going to be about my writing, and some mention on my writing process.

Alright so, I’m finally on Chapter 12 of one of my mystery/thriller books The List and – I’m so thrilled that there’s still ideas I have for it.

I usually take breaks as it’s essential, and helps give me some time to do other things. It helps also with giving me inspiration and ideas.

I also have come up with more book ideas, and I’m just ecstatic. I usually am when I’ve still got more ideas for stories and etc.

The process can be a little slow; as I’m also busy with studies.

I’m also writing my other stories, and I’m currently on chapter 5 of my sequel of my book The Sign of Danger.

I also plan on trying to finish the epilogue of my book The Dark Side which has 24 chapters.

One of my newest books Paparazzi I’ll start writing soon and the main character is a mixed race girl.

Also, writing ideas  and trying to fit writing in as much as I can.

Thank you again, for reading.
More about writing soon.

Yours Kindly,


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