For a Start!

Hello World!
Okay, this will be some mention on my writing.

I’ve started writing up one of my newest stories: Paparazzi. Still, trying to come up with some character names, but I know what direction I want it to go in.

More outlines, and etc.

Though I’m glad and excited that I’ve actually started writing it.

Another one of my other stories- Z: The Mysterious Book I’ll be starting this soon and yes another Mystery/Thriller. So excited, to actually start writing this one up.

Some of my other stories/books I’ll be writing soon!

I’ve also started writing another one of my newest stories: With this we are one. (title could change).

I’m nearly finished with Chapter 13 of my book ”The List” and the next chapter focuses more on both Jessica and Hannah trying to find a potential person that could be of some help. Genre: Mystery/Thriller – Crime.

Well, that’s some information.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
-Yours Kindly,




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