Wow, Already?

This post is going to be about my writing, and some brief mention on my reading. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Hello World! 🙂
Well, I’m on chapter 2 of one of my newest books With This We Are One and I’m nearly finished with the chapter, already.

Also, with my play I’ve made up a new song for it.

One of the books I’m reading is: My Dear, I wanted to tell you and is a historical fiction about the war.

I still have more ideas for stories and I’m really excited to start writing them just when I have the time. Busy.

I’ll be writing up one of my other books soon.

With one of my books I’m on Chapter 20, and wow that’s exciting!

Looking for opportunities, also as this is really important to me.

With my book/story ”The List” I’m on chapter 14 already which I’m still getting ideas for.

That’s some for now.
Thank you so much,
Much appreciated
– Lizzy


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