Planning & Etc

Hi Everyone! 🙂
This post is going to include some mention on my writing, and some planning.
Hope you enjoy!~

With my book With This We Are One I’m currently on chapter 3. I know already, but I’m also enjoying writing it.

I’ll be planning one of my other stories/books Z: The Mysterious Book and yes another Mystery/Thriller. I’m also excited to start writing this one, as well as more of my stories/books.

Also working on some more original poetry too.

One of my other stories I’ll also be re-writing, only got up to chapter 3.

Also, due to being busy.

My book/story The List is going well and I’m still currently on chapter 14 and I still have a lot of ideas for it, I also like the direction it’s going in.

My Book: Paparazzi I’m also going to plan out further and I’m only on chapter 1 for this at the moment.

Thank you for reading.
Yours Truly,

Stay Tuned!! 🙂


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