More Thrills: About Ideas♡

Hello World!
My post for today will be about my book ideas with some mention about my writing. 

With one of my newest stories Z: The Mysterious Book I’ve done more planning for and the names of the characters I haven’t decided yet.

A group of friends find a mysterious book that has similar information to someone that they know, due to some circumstances the girl moved away or so they believe.

(Not giving a lot of way, sorry) 🙂 ♡

When I start writing this one, I feel there will be a lot of twists and it will be enjoyable for me to write.

Also, I’ve come up with another new story which will be called Kaleidoscope – summary/synopsis I haven’t come up with just yet.

There’s also a vampire story of mine where a girl becomes a leader to some vampires after their leader’s gone.

There’s also Blogging Reality about this person that uses information about people and puts in their blog – but exaggerates and also lies to the extent that other people start fearing the ones mentioned online and causes problems.

(I have other book ideas, not all are going to be included in this post).

However with my book With This We Are One I’m nearly done with Chapter 3 already and chapter 14 of my book The List is going well nearly finished with the chapter too.

More about my writing soon.
Also a post about what I like about my ideas – coming up with them.

Thank you so much.
Yours Kindly,


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