Staying Inspired

Hello World!
This post is going to be about staying inspired.
There possibly will be a follow- up to this.
This is going to be a few ways I stay inspired especially with my writing. 🙂

Firstly, yes music is great and even in being able to really help when I’m writing especially if it’s a song that goes well with a particular chapter I’m writing and also the genre too.

I also watch videos, even adults and young people that share how their experiences are with their writing and what their goals are; and what they’ve accomplished. Advice that’s given from all different types of videos are also helpful.

These include: YouTube videos e.g. book- tubers, vloggers

It also helps in being able for me to come up with new ideas for content and gives me an insight into what I could do if and when I start making videos in being able to gain more audiences.

Getting involved in some writing workshops, also helps give me more tips on what I could do with my writing even further and being able to provide my creativity and do something that I love doing too.

Musicals and studying how certain elements that really help make the musical great. Certain characters, settings, dialogue and etc. (I love musicals) Yes, I’m writing a play that I started in 2013 and I’m still writing now and it’s my first attempt at one.

Seeing as I come up with ideas a lot, there possibly will be others too.

That’s some for now.

Thanks for reading,
Lizzy. 🙂



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