Update: About my Play

Hello Everyone!
This post is going to be a little update on my play: Moving on Up.

I’m now on Act 2: Scene 3 of my play ”Moving On Up” and yes this is my first attempt at one.

Act 1 focuses on 16 year old Billy dealing with school and how he deals with Lucy his best friend preparing to leave. He also goes on a trip with his school classmates – and that is when Lucy tells him.

Later on in act 1 Lucy arrives at his house and tells him it’s for opportunities and etc.

In the musical number (I made up) The Next Step – Billy’s Mum Linda tells her friend Angie how difficult things have been for Billy especially with Lucy moving away. They also mention things look difficult, but it will become easier.

Someone also breaks Billy’s window, so he also tries to figure out who could did it.

In the musical number (I made up) in act 2 ”Chance”(name may change) Lucy sings about how she’s waited for this and she now has her chance to achieve her dreams.

I sing my song ”Chance” a lot, It’s also catchy.

So, that’s some brief information about it.
Thanks for reading.
Yours Truly,
Lizzy 🙂



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