New Update: Writing♡

Hello Everyone!
This post is a new update about my writing.

With one of my stories The List I’m on chapter 18 and I really like the direction it’s going in and in the chapter it’s going to focus on Jessica and Hannah meeting one of the boys that’s been in a relationship with Annabelle called Peter Henson.

They meet up with him in the park and ask him questions.

Also they also get some answers about the relationship between Brett (another ex-boyfriend of Annabelle’s) and Katie (a friend of Annabelle’s) because they caught them saying things to one another and they looked suspicious.

And a few other things.

Also, with two of my stories I’m on Chapter 6.

One of them in chapter 6 focuses on Michelle a young Journalist meeting a deaf musician that she wants to write about for her news story, they get to know each other a little better.

I still have more book ideas too.






My Book: The List (Characters)

Hello World!
This post is going to be about some of my book characters from one of my stories ”The List.”

My story/book The List is a mystery/thriller. It’s about two best friends Jessica and Hannah finding a list on a lamppost that has people’s name and ages on it.

When they both go home one day, they watch the news and find out that one of the people that were on the list has died a 17 year old girl called Annabelle Harper.

Jessica is 15 years old and is more straight-forward in some ways.
She’s also very interested in trying to get more answers, and solve the case.
She’s also smart and comes up with new ideas of trying to get more answers.

Hannah is 15 she’s more weary of things.
Worries a bit, and is very suspicious of certain people e.g. Katie McLeod.
Good at cracking codes (at times).

Katie – she’s suspicious
Worries a lot, very secretive.
Helpful, gives the friends some information.
One of Annabelle’s friends.

Brett Jenkins a student at the school.
15 or 14 – haven’t decided on the age.
Dated Annabelle before.

Ex- boyfriend of Annabelle’s too.
Gets to meet the girls one day when they ask him questions.
Seems nice.
Busy at times.
Tousled hair (perhaps).

There’s others but these are mostly the main characters at the moment.

I hope you enjoy,
Thanks for reading
Yours Truly,


And There’s More.

Hello Everyone!
This post is going to be about my writing with some mention on reading. 

Hope you enjoy!

I’m writing a brief film script for one of my books The Sign of Danger, just so I know what I would like in a film adaptation.
I’m currently on scene 8 for this, which includes some narration.

With my book I’m currently on chapter 16 and nearly finished with it. It’s going well 🙂
I’ve finished two books I was reading: Emma by Jane Austen & My Dear, I wanted to tell you by Louisa Young.

One of the books I plan on reading next is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

I’ve also come up with new book ideas which also includes more Mystery/Thrillers.

I’ll probably be writing up chapter 17 of my book The List today.

I will possibly do some character profiles of some of the characters in my stories/books e.g. The List.

I’m also on chapter 4 of one of my books, and will add more to it.

Chapter 21 of one of my books too.

I have further book ideas, so that’s good.

I’m also looking for more musicals and etc to watch.

Stay tuned for more.
Yours Kindly,
Lizzy 🙂




My Story: TSOD Soundtrack

Hello Everyone!
This post is a different one and it will be about a soundtrack I have in mind for one of my stories
The Sign of Danger. I may change some of them, if I have another one that I feel can fit some scenes better.
I hope you enjoy it! 

1.) Prologue
Scene 1
Song choice: Simple Minds – Don’t you forget about me.
Description: Lydia Barnett (Bethany’s Mum) is shown walking towards a pub and she wears outfits with a mixture of the 80’s and 2000’s.
I also like the song.

2.) Scene 2:
-Present day
Song Choice: The Feeling: Fill my little World
Brief Description: Bethany finds out her mum’s best friend  is coming to take her out for a dinner outing, that her aunt agreed to.

3.) Chapter 2 & 3 (Scene 3)
Brief Description: Marcus Jensen takes Bethany for the dinner outing.
Song Choices: The Feeling: Fill my little world
Here: Alessia Cara

4.) Scene 4
Song choices: Wild Things by Alessia Cara
Naive – The Kooks
Description: Both Marcus and Bethany begin walking towards the restaurant, they also order their food once their both inside.

5.) Scene 5
Song choice: She moves in her own way: The Kooks
Description: Both Marcus and Bethany finish their food, and start making their way back to Bethany’s house where Marcus drops her off.

6.) Scene 6
Song Choices: Better Together by Jack Johnson
Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts

There will also be other scenes, I don’t know just yet
But my story has 21 chapters.

Additional Songs:
Let’s Love by  Echosmith
Heartbeat by Scouting for Girls
Everything – Michael Buble
Pretend – Cassie Steele

Let’s hear it for the boy – Deniece Williams
The Feeling- Love it when you call

Thanks for reading,


Quick Update: More Writing♥

Hello World!
This post is going to be about my writing.

With my story/book The List I’m on chapter 15, and I’ve also added more to it and I like the direction that it’s going in.

I’m also writing a brief film script for one of my stories The Sign of Danger and I’m currently on scene 6, and including some narration from Bethany one of the main characters in my book/story.

One of my other stories I’m on chapter 4 and it’s called With This We Are One.

I’m also coming up with a playlist for my book/story The Sign of Danger.

Chapter 15 of my book The List focuses on both Jessica and Hannah trying to find another boy called Peter Henson who had a relationship with Annabelle Harper – a young 17 year old girl who’s name was on the list and was killed.

I have further ideas for this, so I’m excited! 🙂

One of my other stories is a sequel to The Sign of Danger.

I’m also on chapter 21 with one of my stories.

I have more story ideas, and I’m thrilled to start some of them soon.

Thanks for reading,
that’s some for now.
Yours Truly,