Quick Update: More Writing♥

Hello World!
This post is going to be about my writing.

With my story/book The List I’m on chapter 15, and I’ve also added more to it and I like the direction that it’s going in.

I’m also writing a brief film script for one of my stories The Sign of Danger and I’m currently on scene 6, and including some narration from Bethany one of the main characters in my book/story.

One of my other stories I’m on chapter 4 and it’s called With This We Are One.

I’m also coming up with a playlist for my book/story The Sign of Danger.

Chapter 15 of my book The List focuses on both Jessica and Hannah trying to find another boy called Peter Henson who had a relationship with Annabelle Harper – a young 17 year old girl who’s name was on the list and was killed.

I have further ideas for this, so I’m excited! 🙂

One of my other stories is a sequel to The Sign of Danger.

I’m also on chapter 21 with one of my stories.

I have more story ideas, and I’m thrilled to start some of them soon.

Thanks for reading,
that’s some for now.
Yours Truly,





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