My Book: The List (Characters)

Hello World!
This post is going to be about some of my book characters from one of my stories ”The List.”

My story/book The List is a mystery/thriller. It’s about two best friends Jessica and Hannah finding a list on a lamppost that has people’s name and ages on it.

When they both go home one day, they watch the news and find out that one of the people that were on the list has died a 17 year old girl called Annabelle Harper.

Jessica is 15 years old and is more straight-forward in some ways.
She’s also very interested in trying to get more answers, and solve the case.
She’s also smart and comes up with new ideas of trying to get more answers.

Hannah is 15 she’s more weary of things.
Worries a bit, and is very suspicious of certain people e.g. Katie McLeod.
Good at cracking codes (at times).

Katie – she’s suspicious
Worries a lot, very secretive.
Helpful, gives the friends some information.
One of Annabelle’s friends.

Brett Jenkins a student at the school.
15 or 14 – haven’t decided on the age.
Dated Annabelle before.

Ex- boyfriend of Annabelle’s too.
Gets to meet the girls one day when they ask him questions.
Seems nice.
Busy at times.
Tousled hair (perhaps).

There’s others but these are mostly the main characters at the moment.

I hope you enjoy,
Thanks for reading
Yours Truly,



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