New Update: Writing♡

Hello Everyone!
This post is a new update about my writing.

With one of my stories The List I’m on chapter 18 and I really like the direction it’s going in and in the chapter it’s going to focus on Jessica and Hannah meeting one of the boys that’s been in a relationship with Annabelle called Peter Henson.

They meet up with him in the park and ask him questions.

Also they also get some answers about the relationship between Brett (another ex-boyfriend of Annabelle’s) and Katie (a friend of Annabelle’s) because they caught them saying things to one another and they looked suspicious.

And a few other things.

Also, with two of my stories I’m on Chapter 6.

One of them in chapter 6 focuses on Michelle a young Journalist meeting a deaf musician that she wants to write about for her news story, they get to know each other a little better.

I still have more book ideas too.






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