More Writing

Hello Everyone!
This post is going to be about my writing, and a brief mention on some characters from one of my books/stories.

Firstly, I’m now on chapter 19 of one of my books/stories The List. I’m happy about that and I still have ideas for more chapters, the story-line is also really good.

For the characters, I wanted two best friends that were determined to try and find clues and try their best in trying to solve the case.

And their names are Jessica and Hannah.

I also wanted to add some suspicion so Katie being one of Annabelle’s friends who gives the two friends some information to help them out. Is portrayed as being helpful and secretive even suspicious.

Hannah seems to be more weary about her, and thinks she’s suspicious and doesn’t believe everything that she says especially when it comes to Annabelle’s diary.

I wanted to create some conflicts, so in a chapter Jessica and Hannah find Brett (one of Annabelle’s ex – boyfriends) talking to someone secretly on the phone, it could be Katie McLeod.

They were both surprised because they didn’t know they knew each other, and wanted to know what sort of relationship they had e.g. friendship.

Which they try to find out possibly in chapter 19.

Jessica will possibly be Black-British, and Hannah (Caucasian/White).

This is just some.

With one of my other stories, nearly finished with chapter 6 and will be on chapter 7 soon.

Z: The Mysterious Book one of my other stories, I have ideas for and will start writing soon, still planning and possibly one of the main characters will be a tom-boy and her name may be Connie Miller.
And wears caps, with earrings and her long hair.

That’s it for now,
Thanks for reading

Yours Kindly,
Lizzy 🙂



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