More Planning

Hello World!
This post is mostly about one of my stories ”The List” and how I’ve planned more ideas for some other chapters, already.

It’s really exciting, how many ideas I have for this story of mine. And I’m currently on chapter 20 now, wow. 🙂

Chapter 20 focuses on Jessica and Hannah going to the library to photocopy important information they have found so far in Annabelle’s diary, and they also try to get the coding sheet that Brett has to decipher the second code that was found in the diary.

Some other things happen in the chapter too.

I’ve also planned some ideas for the next chapter (chapter 21), 22, 23 and 24 so far.

I’m nearly finished with chapter 5 of one of my stories/books.

And yes, I still have more ideas.
Which is great! 🙂

One of my other mystery/thriller stories that consists of 21 chapters, and that I completed when I was 16 is called: The Sign of Danger. One of my stories is a sequel and I’m currently on chapter 6.

Thanks for reading.











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