Writing & More

Hello Everyone!
Okay, so this post is about some book ideas I have and my writing too.
Some other things, will be mentioned briefly too.

My story/book The List is going really well.
I have further ideas for it so that’s good, and I’m currently on chapter 21 now.
For this it might have 32 chapters, but it depends.

I’m also on chapter 23 now of one of my stories, so that’s exciting.

I also started writing act 2: scene 3 for my play Moving On Up, which was fun.

Chapter 21 of my story The List focuses on Jessica and Hannah going to the police station to see pictures of the murder weapon with Jessica’s dad. They talk to Officer Charlie (Hannah’s cousin) and etc.

I finished chapter 3 of one of my stories/books and now I’m on chapter 4.

I’m nearly finished with chapter 7 one of my books and I also like the direction this is going in too.

With another one of my stories I’m nearly finished with chapter 5.

That’s some for now.
Thank you.

Yours Truly,



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