Story Directions & Etc

Hello Everyone!
This post is just some brief mention on story directions and my writing.
It will also include some other things.

My story/book ”The List” I’m currently on chapter 22 now and I really like the direction that it’s going in. I also enjoy writing it, and I still have some more ideas for this.

I have also been doing some research.

With one of my other stories I’m on chapter 7 and nearly finished with and I like the direction it’s going in too.

I’m writing a lot of my stories, and with my play I’m currently on Scene 2: Act 2 and Billy’s mum finds out that he’s left the house and is missing.

I’m writing some ideas for chapters for some of my other stories, I’ve done some for The List and probably write more. This particular story of mine may have at least 32 chapters it depends – it’s roughly what I was going for.

I may possibly add some twists, and some new characters in it. In one chapter, the two friends Jessica and Hannah meet up with another one of Annabelle’s friends that might be able to help them even more.

Chapter 21 focused on them finding out what the murder weapon is and etc.

There will also be a book review of Fan-Girl by Rainbow Rowell.
A book I finished recently.

Thanks for reading.

Yours Kindly,


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