Research & More

Hello Everyone!
A new update, about my writing and etc.
And some research, I’ve been doing.

I have been doing some research, for my writing e.g. tips for writing, publishing advice and etc.

There will be more research I’ll be doing too.

I’m also on chapter 23 of one of my stories ”The List” and I’ve added more to it and there will be more that I will be adding.

I also added more to my play Moving on Up for Act 2: Scene 3.

With one of my stories Paparazzi, I’m on chapter 2 now so that’s good.

I have also finished chapter 8 of one of my stories, which I’m happy about.

Chapter 23 of my book ”The List” focuses on the two friends Jessica and Hannah meeting up with Brett at the Tennis court, to get more information about James Kinsley.

That’s some for now,
Thanks for reading 🙂

-Yours Kindly,


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