More Writing

Hello World!
This post is about my writing, I will also mention some of my other stories.

So with my story/book ”The List” I’m on chapter 24 and I have started it and added more to it today. It’s going really good, and with one of my other stories I’m on chapter 8 already.

In my book/story The List the two friends are still getting as much more information from people that can be helpful in solving the Annabelle Harper case along with helping the police.

Another person they will be investigating is James Kinsley, someone that was mentioned by Brett Jenkins.

They also meet another one of Annabelle’s friends in a chapter soon.

In my book/story With This We Are One (title currently, might change) Michelle is a journalist that is struggling with coming up with a news story, and when she meets up with Ethan Benson she gets to know him better, but he’s deaf and a talented musician and doesn’t let that stop him.

There’s more but not giving away too much, sorry.

I might do a character’s profile for it soon, maybe.

I’ve also added more to my play: Moving On Up.

That’s some for now.

Yours Kindly,
Lizzy 🙂



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