And more Thrills :)

Hello Everyone!
This is a new update about my writing and etc. 

With one of my stories ”The List” I’m currently on chapter 24 and I have also added more to it, and I also have more ideas for it and some ideas for the next chapter too.

I really enjoy the direction that it’s going in. Hannah’s cousin Officer Charlie also tells them some important information too.

I’ve also been watching some musicals e.g. Our House and etc.

My Play: Moving on Up I’m currently on Act 2: scene 4. I also have some ideas for this too.

Also, more surprises happen in my book/story The List.

Yes, there’s even more story ideas I’ve come up with for other stories of mine. However, it’s always exciting when I come up with more.

With another one of my stories I’ve come up with a few ideas for chapter 8 the chapter I’m currently on and also some ideas for the next chapter.

A lot of creativity.

It’s still amazing how many ideas I’m coming up with especially with my book/story The List and I’m excited to start writing up chapter 25 when I’m finished with chapter 24.

The title for chapter 24 currently is Unexpected Surprises.

My book/story Paparazzi I’m on chapter 2 and some ideas of what else to add to it.

Further research for different things.

Thanks for reading,
That’s some for now.

This may be updated.
Yours Truly,


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