Interview #1:(Jessica) – My Story/Book: ”The List”

Hello Everyone!
This is a fun post about one of the main characters of my story The List giving her answers out in this made – up interview that I’ve created in a way to kind of get to know her better.
It will also be based off things included in my story. Enjoy!

  1. What do you think of Katie?
    I think she’s secretive, and suspicious but nothing too extreme. She helps give both Hannah and I answers and I’m appreciative to her on that side of things.
  2. You immediately thought Brett was being framed when the murder weapon was found in his house, why?
    Jessica: When I met up with him one day, after English class in school. Because – he’s in my class I asked him a few questions and he didn’t seem like the type that would have any sort of agenda or motive to wanting to hurt Annabelle.
    There no was no indication that he would do something like that.
  3. Who do you think Brown- Haired Girl is?
    J: Honestly, when I came across that page in Annabelle’s diary. I thought there was a possibility it could be Katie, and right now I still think it could be for now.
  4. Was it difficult to try and meet up with Peter?
    J: Yes, slightly. Because Hannah and I went to the hospital that he usually had appointments at and there were no updated information about him. E.g his current address, his appointments etc.
    But we remembered Annabelle wrote his e-mail address and twitter handle/username in her diary.
  5. What made you so interested in the case?
    J: When both Hannah and I saw the list on the lamppost one day after school and how it had people’s ages and names on it, was strange. Then to go home and both watch the news to find out one of the names on the list has been confirmed murdered was shocking. I just want to try and solve the case, and prevent anyone else from getting hurt.
  6. Are you helping the police as well?

Well, that’s all the questions I will be asking.
There will be a few more, but thanks for reading.
-By Lizzy.




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