Interview #2: (Hannah) – My Story/Book: ”The List”

Hello Everyone!
This is a post about one of the main characters from my story ”The List” giving her answers out in the second made up interview that I’ve created. This way you get to know her a little better.

1.) What do you think of Katie?
Hannah: I think she’s suspicious. She’s helpful with giving us some information but I’m still weary of her actions most of the time.

2.) Is it nice to have a best friend, to help solve the case?
Hannah: Yeah, Jessica’s great. She’s always trying to find out more information and is so determined. So, it really helps.

3.) Who do you think Brown- Haired Girl is?
H: It definitely could be Katie. Even when I saw the page in Annabelle’s diary it was clear especially when we found out that she didn’t always agree with Annabelle’s decisions.

4.) How did it go with deciphering the first code?
H: It was fine actually. We found it in Annabelle’s diary and I managed to have a coding sheet that had most of the symbols used, so we were able to decode it.

5.) The first code was ”Help, Danger awaits” Did you think Annabelle knew she was in danger?
Well, possibly.

6.) Did you find it strange that Annabelle’s diary was being kept by Katie?
H: A little, but it turns out that it was a gift from Annabelle’s mum so that she had something to remember her friend by.

7: Are you also trying to help the police?

Thanks for reading.
– By Lizzy



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