Why I Write #2

Hello Everyone!
This post is going to the second part of why I write.

I love writing.
I also like creating my own stories, and being able to add my ideas.

It’s relaxing, and is helpful in being able to express feelings and emotions which I also do when I’m writing up my poems too.

Creating characters are also fun and deciding on personality traits too, and how they would react in certain situations too.

I also like reading, and some books have given me some inspiration too.

In addition to feelings and emotions, it helps me express them in some of my works and turning them into something positive too.

It’s a passion of mine. :)♡

I’m proud with a lot of my stories, and the ideas I also come up with (and there’s a lot).

Writing is also fun, to come up with plots, direction, development and etc.

It’s also nice to have all of my works; that I’ve done so far to showcase my talent and creativity.

That’s it for now,
Thanks for reading
Yours Kindly,




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