Start of Something New

Hello Everyone!
This post is going to be about my writing with some brief mention on some plans that I have. And the title of the post, I got from a song in HSM. 🙂

For my story Z: The Mysterious Book I will be planning out the first chapter with some brief outlines.

I may possibly also write other short stories, and there may be a sequel to my first short story: Star in the Making.

I’m getting closer to finishing my story: The List which I’m currently on chapter 26 of.

And I love writing, and there will also be some new original poetry I will be writing too.

I might also put up a sample of the prologue of my story/book The List.

And oh I’ve also made up a new song, which I’m still planning a second verse for. It’s another catchy one, and it’s fun.

I will also try to get more involved in competitions, and I’m also reading a short mystery story called Killer Cupcakes.

I’m also getting so close to finishing off chapter 8 of one of my stories/books With This We Are One (current title).

That’s some for now.

Thank you, for reading.
Many Regards,
Lizzy 🙂


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