Other Additions

Hello World!
This is another post about my writing with some mention on planning and etc. Enjoy!

I’ve come up with more names for some characters for one of my stories Z: The Mysterious Book.

Some of the names are: Harriet Rosendale, Sienna Johnson and Alice Abernathy.

There’s also Connie Miller and Mallory Wilcox along with some others.

I have also finished chapter 8 of my story With This We Are One and I’m now on chapter 9 which I have ideas for, which I’m happy about. 🙂

I have added more to Chapter 26 of one of my stories The List I’ve added more to and I’m close to finishing off the chapter.

As for my short story: Star in the Making, I’ve put a sample of it on my Prose account which I’ve received some reads on and someone’s also liked it.

I’ve put some of my original poetry on there too.

I also have some ideas for the first chapter for my story/book Z: The Mysterious Book and I’ve also been thinking of some ideas for other stories of mine.

Thanks for reading,



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