Getting There.

Hello Everyone!
This post is about my writing with some mention on my original poetry.~

I have two new original poems one being called Kite which was nice.
With my story ”The List” I’m on nearing the end of chapter 26, and it’s likely I’ll be on chapter 27 today.

I have put some of my original poetry on my prose account, which people seem to like and enjoy so that’s good.

Also, with my story With This We Are One I’m now on chapter 9 and added more to it.

Oh, and I added a bit more to part 2 of one of my original poems The Doctor which is in a story form.

I have also got some more ideas for other stories of mine.

Also, been watching some videos about writing and I finished the book that I was reading Killer Cupcakes, it’s good.

One of my stories: The Missing Tree is about this girl Clarissa that lives with her mum and her younger brother Tommy; who one day finds her mum dead on the floor. Other things happen and she finds out some information that the mum she knew probably wasn’t her biological mother and sets out for an adventure.

It’s one that’s currently on hold for now, I’m on chapter 2 for it though.

With another one of my stories I’m on chapter 24 and added more to as well.

That’s it for now!
Hope you enjoyed.

-By Lizzy.



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