Even More Ideas

Hello World!
Today’s post is about some new ideas that I have for my writing and etc.

With one of my stories that I’m still planning called: The Revenge Cycle I’m thinking of each chapter being about a character and from the P.O.V. of the character and how it all ties in to the plot of the story.

Some chapters will be called ”Everyone” something along those lines that involve a shared story among characters or a situation.

The main point of the story is about revenge. There’s still some further planning I’m doing in order to be able to form the characters stories, personalities and etc.

The sequel to my story I finished when I was 16 (four years ago) The Sign of Danger I’m currently on chapter 6 of, I have some ideas for chapter 7 which will focus on Bethany asking Marcus Jensen whether or not he knew of Peter Henson’s friendship with her mum and etc.

For my story With This We Are One I’m on Chapter 9 of and I’ve added more to it and Michelle and one of her friends and colleagues Xavier talk about something that Michelle sometimes worries about, she also talks to her boss Rachel in her office.
This is more of a Contemporary Romance story.

With Z: The Mysterious Book I’m thinking of probably starting it off with one of the friends having to move away.

Also thinking of  a possible sequel to my short story: Star in the Making.

Even ideas for other short stories of mine e.g. romance.

These are just some ideas.
Hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for reading. 🙂

Kind Regards,




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