It’s all Happening.

Hello Everyone!
This post is about my writing with some information on my original poetry and etc. I also got the title from a song from the Bring it On: Musical (Haven’t seen yet) Enjoy!

I have written some new original poetry including two original haiku’s called Eyes and Wonders.
I have actually put my haiku: ”Eyes” on my blog so you can all check it out.

One of my newest original poetry is called Sandcastle.

Another one I’m thinking of will be called ”Balloon.”

I’ve also added a lot to chapter 9 of my story/book With This We Are One and getting close to finishing the chapter. I’m excited to start chapter 10.

I’ve also added more to chapter 24 of one of my stories, and also added a bit more to chapter 2 of Paparazzi along with adding more to chapter 27 of my story ”The List.”

I also added more to chapter 6 of the sequel to one of my completed stories The Sign of Danger and close to finishing off the chapter too.

Another one of my newest poems I’m writing is called ”Team.” 

For one of my stories: The Revenge Cycle I’ve thought a way to plan out the chapters with each one being from the P.O.V of the characters; and when it’s a chapter that involves everyone it will be called All or Everyone something along those lines.

I still have to come up with character names, plot and etc.

So many book ideas, that I have (literally).

With my story: Z: The Mysterious Book I have come up with character names and everything and some brief outlines.

Kind Regards,
Thanks for reading.



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