Much More.

Hello Everyone!
Another post about my writing and etc.
Title from another song from a musical I haven’t seen – which seemed fitting.

I have added more to one of my stories With This We Are One and so close to finishing it now. I did add a lot, which is good.

Now with some of my other stories I also added more to, and I’m even close to finishing chapter 6 of the sequel to my story The Sign of Danger.

I have added a sample of the prologue of another one of my stories The List on my prose account. This is the link:

If you have an account, you can message me.

I’m also looking at other musicals to watch and there are some I’m excited to watch.

I have been getting a lot of ideas for original poetry lately and also came up with a new book idea; however I happen to have a lot of book ideas.

I will also be adding some more to my play: Moving On Up.

Oh! I have some actors and actresses that I can possibly cast as some characters for a story of mine Z: The Mysterious Book.

I’ve considered some for my story With This We Are One which is diverse.

That’s some for now.
Kind Regards.


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