New Ideas.

Hello Everyone!
This new post is going to be about my writing and etc especially about the new ideas I’ve been getting even for my original poetry.

Okay, I’ve written two new original poems called ”Balloon” and ”Encounters.” Which was fun to write, and I have other ideas for more.

And I even wrote another new one called ”Magnetic.”

I also added more to chapter 2 of my story/book Paparazzi.

With some of my other stories, I’ve also added more and so close to finishing off chapter 9 of one of my stories called: With This We Are One which a conversation happens between two of the characters Michelle and Xavier.

Yes, and I’ve also come up with some new ideas for other stories of mine.

There’s even more for Mystery/Thrillers. 🙂

Another title of an original poem of mine will be called ”Echoes.”

I have put a sample of the prologue of a story of mine ”The List” on my Prose account; if you would like to read it. Here’s the link: the-list-prologue-sample

There’s still further ideas I have for this story of mine, and I’m currently still on chapter 27, and I have added more.

-Thank you for reading,
By Lizzy.


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