Along the Way ♡

Hello Everyone!
Yes, a new post and it’s about my writing and more.
Hope you all enjoy!

With one of my stories With This We Are One, I’m now on chapter 10 and I’m looking forward to begin writing it.

I’ve also written more ideas for other original short stories.

I’ve also started writing a sequel to my short story: Star in the Making which will focus on Amelia and her best friend Giovanna being a part of a TV show called Danger Around Us and how they deal with changes, school and difficulties.

I also have other ideas for possible short stories of mine. One being about a female character wanting to get to know more about a male worker/employee and involves coffee breaks. The title for this is currently: Coffee Breaks but I like it.

And yes, there may be a short story inspired by one of my original poetry ”The Doctor” which was a narrative poem.

I’m still on chapter 27 of my story ”The List” and will continue to add more to. I’m nearly finished with this story of mine, and I enjoy writing it.

Another one of my stories I’m nearly finished with chapter 24 of and will be on chapter 5 soon.

Still writing my play: Moving on Up too when I can.

As for one of my other stories Z: The Mysterious Book I will possibly start writing in this month. 🙂

Thanks for reading.


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