In the Moment #1

Hello Everyone!
This new post is about my writing and more.

Firstly, I have added more to some of my stories e.g. With This We Are One, The List and a few others.

I have also written down some other ideas for my story With This We Are One on a notepad.

It’s going really well, so I’m really thrilled about that.

I’m so close to finishing off the first chapter of the sequel to my short story: Star in the Making. The sequel is also another short story and I still have ideas for the next chapter.

And in the sequel: first chapter Amelia finds out from her best friend Giovanna that they’ve both been sent e-mails by the production crew of the show that they’re starring in: Danger around Us about a practice rehearsal on Saturday and she’s eager to tell her dad about it.

For a sample of the first story, you can read it here: Star in the Making- Sample

I’m currently on chapter 10 of my story WTWAO and it focuses on Michelle giving in one of her previous news stories that’s completed to her boss and spending time  with her colleague and one of her best friends Susie; who she talks to about things.

This story of mine is a contemporary/general fiction romance story.

In addition to, I’m so close to finishing chapter 24 of one of my other stories.

Yes, I also have some more ideas for chapter 27 of my story The List.

And I’ve also watched a production of Baby: The Musical now. 🙂

That’s some for now.

You can ask questions about my stories.

Thanks for reading. 🙂
Kind Regards,



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