What Makes a Good Story #1

Hello Everyone! ­čÖé
This post is going to be a few brief points about what makes a good story. There may possibly be a part 2. I hope you enjoy it.


  • ┬áThis is important as you want to engage your readers and have a structured story-line.
  • This also helps you in being able to decided what conflicts are needed, how characters deal with them and what the end goal is.
  • Once you know what your plot is, you just need to add more details even brief outlines that you can then expand on.


  • Including them can help with making scenes interesting too.
  • Understanding of why conflicts are happening e.g. a character may have had a disagreement with someone because they lied and did something bad which can be explained in the story.


  • This can also be helpful.
  • How characters cope in certain situations.
  • A brief insight into how their personality’s like.
  • What they do to protect themselves e.g. even when they’re in danger


  • Conversations/Dialogue between characters
  • Gives a brief insight into how they are/Personality
  • Different types e.g. comedic and etc.
  • Also engaging.

Thanks for reading,


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