For a Moment ♡

Hello World!
This post is about my writing and more.

For starters, I have finished the first chapter of my newest story Z: The Mysterious Book and now I’m on chapter 2 which I have some ideas for.

And I have also added more to some of my stories.

Also I have more ideas for other stories of mine; that I’m also excited about.

I will start writing up chapter 11 of my story WTWAO soon.

One of my book titles will be called Kaleidoscope, another will be called Masquerade or something else.

I may even write a fantasy story soon.

Also, coming up with ideas for more original poetry too.

I have also been doing some research too, as I have some ideas for some stories set in different countries too. 🙂

Getting close to finishing off chapter 28 of my story: The List and it’s going well. So close, to even finishing this story of mine. I love the direction of it. ♡

Thanks for reading,
Kind Regards,


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