And the Story Goes On

Hello Everyone!

I got inspiration for my blog title from a song from a musical I’ve seen a production of called Baby.
This post is about my stories and some brief mention on some other things.

Wow, I just finished chapter 28 of my story: The List and I’m so thrilled that now I’m on chapter 29.

I also have added more to chapter 2 of one of my other stories Z: The Mysterious Book.

And yes, I’ve also included more to chapter 2 of the sequel to my short story: Star in the Making too.

With one of my other stories: The Right Now I’ve added a bit more to chapter 6.

However, I’m so close to finishing The List and I’ve enjoyed writing this story of mine and I love the direction of it and yes; I’ve got more ideas for the next chapter which is also exciting.

I might include an extra chapter and an epilogue, it depends if I feel like.

A little bit about what chapter 29 will include will be Jessica meeting Katie while Hannah goes and meets up with another one of Annabelle Harper’s friends Casey – as she has footage that she wanted to show them.

I’m also reading a few books, and one of them is a mystery crime story.

So, yes the story goes on.

Thank you all for reading.


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