Some Plans

Hello Everyone! 🙂
A new post which is about my writing but also some plans that I have.
With some brief mention on other things.

For my story: The List I have added more to and I’m currently on chapter 29; I also have some more ideas for this story of mine. In the chapter, the two friends Jessica and Hannah split up when another one of Annabelle’s friends wants to meet up with them to show them a footage.

Hannah suggests Jessica should go meet up with Katie, to ask her questions about a boy called James Kinsley while she goes to meet up with Casey.

I have some ideas to actually put this up on my Wattpad account possibly.

That way you all will be able to read it too.

Also, for another one of my stories Z: The Mysterious Book I’m on chapter 2 which I’ve added more to and still have some ideas for so it’s also going well.

Chapter 2 focuses on the friends visiting Harriet Rosendale one of their friends as she’s moving away and the page that they found in the book is similar to information about her. They also try to help her and her mum with the packing.

I’m also reading a few books, that I’m nearly finished with.

I will also be writing more original poetry too, and also thinking of putting some of my other stories on my other writing accounts e.g. Wattpad or Prose.

That’s some for now.
Thank you all for reading 🙂


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