A Update: About Writing

Hello Everyone! 🙂
This post will be about my writing and etc.

Well, with one of my stories I’ve added a lot to and I’m nearly finished with chapter 25 and will be starting chapter 26 very soon.

I’m nearly finished with chapter 2 of one of my other stories Z: The Mysterious Book I still have some ideas to include in it, so I’m thrilled about that.

I’ve got some more story ideas, set in different countries one being Japan. So, I have been doing some research as I will also include some snacks and food in the story.

I’m also so close to finishing chapter 6 of the sequel to one of my stories: The Sign of Danger too.

Yes even with my story: The List I’ve also added more to, I’m currently still on chapter 29  and it’s exciting and surprising that I’m nearly finished with this story of mine, wow!

Usually have so many ideas, some of which I’ll write down.

With one of the books I’m reading, I’m currently on chapter 15 and it’s interesting.

I’m also thinking of trying out other genres; writing in them especially.

Thanks for reading,
Kind Regards.



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