Something More #1

Hello Everyone!
This post will be about my writing with some mention on other things e.g. Reading. Enjoy!

Firstly, I’ve been thinking of doing a playlist for some of my stories. So, I will be choosing some songs that I may think could work well with certain scenes in some of my stories.

I also have finished chapter 25 of one of my stories, and I’m thrilled about that. Along with the fact I have more ideas to add.

With one of the books I’m reading; I only have three chapters left. It’s good, I do like it and it’s a murder mystery.

Another one of the books I’m currently reading, I’m also nearly finished with too.

For my story: The List I’ve added more to and getting close to finishing the chapter, and then I’ll be on chapter 30, hooray!

But honestly, I love the direction of it so much.

And who knows, there could be a sequel depending on whether I have more ideas for one and if I feel like.

Also will be writing down some other story ideas that I have.

That’s some for now.
Thanks for reading.
Kind Regards,




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