Wattpad Convention 2016

Hello Everyone! 🙂
This is a post about a Wattpad Convention I went to yesterday, which was informative with some mention on my writing. 

I went to my second Wattpad convention yesterday and it was in Farringdon – Clerkenwell Close, it was a journey to get there and it was a little far.

But luckily, I found it and was given a bag with some Wattpad goodies in it e.g notepad and a wristband.

There were different panels and some mention on how to get readers and what some of the writers experiences were on Wattpad; and what they like about it.

Also, there were some of the Wattpad staff who were also panelists mentioned that for any changes anyone will like made, we can message them as some have got accounts on the website.

They are always open to feedback; as they are still improving it.

Bella Higgin (a writer on Wattpad) mentioned how she was contacted through Wattpad to be a part of this collaboration book called: Imagines and decided to write about Norman Reedus.

There are also different types of publishing e.g. Indie, Traditional and Self-Publishing.

Some of the writers were: Elise Noble, Taran Matharu, Vic James, Bella Higgin, Beth Reekles and some others.

I also made a friend there, which was also nice.

And I’m on chapter 30, of one of my stories: The List. I’m so excited about that, and yes I have some ideas for it still. 🙂

There may be a part 2 to my Wattpad convention experience.

Thanks for reading,
I hope you enjoyed it.

-Many Kind Regards,




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